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Design of home automation systems

A Home Automation system is a system capable of connecting different electrical appliances present in a home or business, it allows these to communicate with each other and acquire smart functions but above all it allows the user to control them via their mobile phone, tablet or PC. The advantages of installing a system of this type are many, but the most interesting is the economic savings ensured by the smart functions. Just think of the lighting or heating of the rooms: we can set the system so that only the rooms with staff are lit and heated, we can tell the system to preheat the rooms just before the start of the work shift and turn off the lighting and heating when the office empties at the end of the day. All this in an automated manner but still leaving the user the freedom to change the parameters instantly and easily. Even for private homes or condominiums it is easy to identify the benefits that a home automation system can bring: the control of household appliances allows you to program and start operations that would otherwise require the presence of someone in the house, the heating and lighting can be set to behave differently based on the time of day and so on. PTE offers to study the implementation of this system and adapt the electrical system to allow the home automation system to function correctly and smoothly.

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