Initiatives of electricity and gas suppliers in the time of COVID-19

As happened in other sectors, the energy sector also did not lack its support and solidarity initiatives


At a time where we are all affected by the tragic consequences due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been no shortage of solidarity initiatives on the part of small and large companies from the most disparate sectors or individual citizens, famous or otherwise, especially towards those sections of society most affected and the weakest sections of the population.

Companies in the energy sector could therefore not be missing from the call as they, by virtue of their role as suppliers of essential services (electricity, natural gas and water resources) can also have a more direct impact in terms of help and support on companies and their client families. Donations are important, but also specific initiatives to protect its customers and its own employees. Among the most popular initiatives we can find: the activation of insurance policies for the benefit of employees for anyone who should contract the coronavirus, the interruptions of activities by suspending energy supplies, the postponement of bill payments, the application of discounts or preferential rates in the bill and the blocking of the application of passive interest for late payments, in addition to donations for the purchase of personal protective equipment, equipment and machinery for intensive care departments and for the construction of new hospitals.

Finally, below we publish a collection, probably not exhaustive, of supplier initiatives towards customers, employees and relating to donations and initiatives towards the community.


Table 1: List of supplier initiatives towards their employees


Table 2: List of supplier initiatives towards their customers


Table 3: List of supplier donations to the community