IT Support Services

Management of each client's securities portfolio

PTE, thanks to its knowledge of the most advanced purchasing models present in Europe, first studied and then proposed the Portfolio Management service to its customers with high consumption. This service allows you to operate flexibly in managing your contract. Customers have direct access to wholesale markets and can compose, supported by our staff, their own procurement portfolio in a completely transparent and dynamic way. It is a flexible tool that offers the possibility of fixing, at the best times, supply tranches for defined periods and therefore allows you to limit the risk represented by a purchase at a single moment.

Who can use the service

This is a service aimed at all companies with high energy consumption that want to take advantage of the mutability of the energy market but who need an expert partner to be sure of making the most profitable investments.

How it is done

PTE is expected to constantly monitor the wholesale markets and provide rapid communication to the customer. In this way the customer will always be offered the best option with respect to market times and their needs.