IT Support Services

Drafting of due diligence

This service aims to offer advice regarding the purchase of a self-production/energy production plant from renewable sources. In particular, PTE offers its experience to produce a complete due diligence, capable of providing an exhaustive analysis of the system and expected energy production. But the information within the DD is not only technical, PTE is also able to provide information on the regulatory situation and contractual aspects, permits, licenses and authorisations. Thanks to this service, the customer can always be sure of making a perfectly informed choice regarding the purchase or financing of an energy production plant.

Who can use the service

The service is aimed at public and private companies that wish to make their energy supply more modern and flexible, thus implementing an intervention that involves the financing or purchase of energy production systems from renewable sources.

How it is done

The service aims to carry out an analysis of the documentation relating to the system, analyzing its completeness and suitability. PTE also carries out an inspection of the production plant so as to be able to certify its physical state and above all its performance compared to expectations. With this information, our staff is therefore able to draw up a due diligence capable of predicting the profitability of the investment and consequently the real value of the system of interest.