IT Support Services

Environmental impact assessments

The environmental impact assessment is a procedure that allows us to know in detail the weight of a specific intervention on both the natural and urban environments. It then analyses all the effects that a certain project can have both on the environment and on the lifestyle of the population itself. It is therefore a powerful tool which is in fact mandatory for many industrial projects, including those producing energy from renewable sources. The Polo Tecnologico per l’Energia makes its experience and professionalism available to produce complete documentation, which is able to satisfy all the legislative requirements for the acceptance of the planned intervention.

Who can use the service

This service is mainly aimed at all companies, public or private, that want to carry out a project that requires the drafting of an environmental impact assessment. The service is also offered for those projects that do not necessarily require this type of analysis, as it is a tool that can provide significant information to the company that requests it.

How it is done

PTE offers both to carry out the study itself and to organize and monitor all phases of presentation and discussion of the project to the competent authorities.