IT Support Services

Advice on concessions regarding excise duties

The objective of this service is to provide assistance to the Customer regarding the possibility of obtaining concessions on electricity and gas excise duties. The Polo Tecnologico per l’Energia, thanks to the continuous updating of its knowledge, is able to identify the savings opportunities offered by the Italian legislation and above all to follow the Customer in preparing the requests needed to obtain the benefits. The accumulated experience and the continuous relationship with the customs offices allow the Hub to ensure that the company obtains the benefits quickly without delays.

Who can use the service

The companies that can request exemption from excise duties are those that exploit electricity or gas for mineralogical, electrolytic or metallurgical processes.

How it is done

We assist the company throughout the procedural process for the recognition of exemptions after having carried out a preliminary technical-economic feasibility analysis. Our collaborators have many years of experience in the sector and know perfectly all the obligations required by law in order to obtain the benefits.

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