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Negotiation of purchase/sale of electricity and gas

The free energy market is a constantly evolving market: the entry of new suppliers, each with their own contractual formulas that provide different constraints and conditions, makes this world even more volatile and difficult to decipher. The Polo Tecnologico per l’Energia has been operating in the free energy market for more than twenty years and makes all the experience it has accumulated available to the Customer to support them in negotiating the purchase and sale of electricity and gas. Starting from the needs and possibilities of the Customer, the Hub is able to orient itself in this vast market and find, for each different case, the most suitable contract.

Who can use the service

The service is aimed at all those companies, public or private, who want to enter the free energy market and who want to be sure of having a partner at their side who is prepared and skilled in identifying the best deal taking into account the characteristics and needs. of the company.

How it is done

The Polo Tecnologico per l'Energia offers this assistance service following these main steps:
• Identification, evaluation and selection of potential suppliers;
• Preparation of information necessary for the offer request;
• Analysis and comparison of offers;
• Preparation of summary reports;
• Assistance in the negotiation phase, even with direct participation;
• Assistance in administrative relations.

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