IT Support Services

Trainings and seminars

Constant staff training allows us to be more competitive and promotes rapid decision-making with lower risk factors. The Polo Tecnologico per l’Energia has long experience in the creation and management of thematic seminars and offers its knowledge to guarantee a complete update of the knowledge of our partners’ technicians. Furthermore, to make the topics covered during the training even clearer, we can report concrete case studies based on our decades of experience.

Who can use the service

This is a service aimed at all businesses and PAs, regardless of their size, consumption levels, production processes or services provided, who find information of interest for their business in this service.

How it is done

PTE offers to create and organize training courses for technicians in the sector. The courses can be structured according to the needs of the participants and can have variable duration. The lessons can be held at the Client's company or at our headquarters and include both theoretical learning moments and learning moments through practical exercises. PTE also organizes and manages seminars relating to the topic of the energy market.

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