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Energy analysis and optimization of production cycles

Carrying out an energy analysis is an excellent solution for understanding how energy is used and distributed in your company. It is therefore a powerful tool capable of identifying possible waste and its causes and offers the possibility of designing targeted interventions to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Who can use the service

The Polo Tecnologico per l’Energia offers this service to all companies that would like to reduce their consumption by optimizing production cycles.

How it is done

The steps for carrying out an industrial energy analysis are:
• planning and data collection with identification of the most significant energy aspects, operating methods and user behaviors that affect energy consumption;
• site inspection and validation of the data collected;
• data processing with analysis of the methods of use of the energy flows relating to the production cycle, the building envelope, the thermal and electrical systems;

How it is done

• analysis of electricity and gas supply contracts;
• calculation of energy performance indicators and comparison with the reference ones;
• definition of different modular scenarios of potential energy efficiency interventions, costs of investment and achievable energy savings;
• determination of the economic impact evaluated through appropriate economic indicators (SP, NPV, ROI, ROE, ...).

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