IT Support Services

Monitoring and supervision of Energy Consumption

Polo Tecnologico per l’Energia studies and designs systems for monitoring and supervising energy consumption and the characteristic operating parameters of the systems, with particular reference to the systems required by the Energy Services Manager for the reporting of savings within the incentive mechanism of White Certificates. It is also a very useful service for those companies that want to verify the effectiveness of previously implemented interventions or that want to monitor the energy consumption and performance of their systems in order to optimize energy distribution within the company.

Who can use the service

This service is offered to companies that want to be able to independently monitor their consumption, so as to have a greater degree of knowledge about energy use within the company.

How it is done

Thanks to the experience and preparation of our collaborators, the Polo Tecnologico per l’Energia is able to design and install the most suitable monitoring system for the companies involved. The service is essentially divided into three steps:
• inspection with analysis of the current state of affairs;
• design of the monitoring system according to the customer's needs;
• installation of the system.

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