IT Support Services

Technical Support for ISO 50001 Certification

Equipping yourself with an Energy Management System is an important step to have the possibility of starting a path that leads to a better use of energy by the company. Thanks to this system, in fact, it becomes easier to analyze incoming energy flows and how they are distributed between the different uses, so as to better direct interventions aimed at reducing energy use. Polo Tecnologico per l’Energia offers its knowledge to provide technical consultancy to companies that intend to implement an Energy Management System compliant with the ISO 50001 standard.

Who can use the service

PTE offers this service to companies in the public or private sector that want to develop a system to optimize energy consumption, optimizing its use and consequently limiting costs and their impact on the environment.

How it is done

The service offered by PTE is divided into the following steps:
• verification and/or implementation of the monitoring system;
• collection and verification of the data collected;
• consultancy for identifying the most suitable energy policy ;
• identification of dedicated staff and creation of the employee training plan;
• drafting of the report;
• support for the energy diagnosis;
• support during the certification audit.

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