IT Support Services

Project Financing for public lighting and other interventions

Polo Tecnologico per l’Energia can provide the documentation that is necessary for the presentation of Project Financing to the Public Administrations, in compliance with the requirements of the Presidential Decree of 5 October 2010 n. 207 (art. 278 – Project finance in services) and by Legislative Decree no. 12 April 2006. 163 (art. 83 and art. 153). This is a form of financing for public works or public utilities that seeks the use of alternative resources to the state ones, by focusing on the involvement of private funds.

Who can use the service

The service is offered to Public Administrations looking for financiers for the construction of public works which may not even be subject to state or regional incentives.

How it is done

PTE will draw up the documentation, which in particular includes:
• preliminary project with intervention plan;
• economic and financial plan;
• management and maintenance plan for the systems;
• draft convention

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