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External Energy Manager Service

An energy manager is the figure responsible for the conservation and rational use of energy within a company, a public body, or more generally, whatever kind of structure. Its main tasks are the verification of energy consumption, their optimization and the promotion of interventions aimed at energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources.

Who can use the service

The EM figure is mandatory for companies that in the previous year had an energy consumption exceeding 10,000 TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent) for the industrial sector, or exceeding 1,000 TOE for all other sectors.

How it is done

The external Energy Manager, although continuously following the company over time and being able to delve deeper into its issues and specificities, is not a company employee and therefore does not bear entirely on the company's general costs. Furthermore, being a professional who works across multiple realities, he knows multiple issues and situations and can thus optimize problems. Our assistance includes qualified and competent staff who can carry out this role for your company throughout the year.

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